Aluminium metal sheet is highly resistant to weather conditions. Producers give up to 40 year warranty, but you should expect a longer life. It is a very light material. Aluminium sheet can have silver color or be coated with lacquer of any shade. Aluminium sheet of natural color covers itself with aluminium oxide that protects the sheet from the weather and prevents further oxidation (similarly to the patina of zinc and copper).
Aluminum sheet on roofs and facades must have a thickness of 0.7 mm.

Advantages of aluminium:

  • the possibility of bending at low temperatures
  • the ability to solder
  • no need to separate the metal from the basis with structural mat, just vapor permeable film (which lowers the cost )
  • low weight
  • good resistance in contaminated environment (retains its properties at a pH in the range of 4.5-9)

Disadvantages of aluminium:

  • high thermal expansion coefficient in the direction of rolling (2.4 mm/m with an amplitude of 100 degrees centigrade)